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Vaginal Rejuvenation

For too long, women have struggled silently with unwanted, uncomfortable or painful changes to their bodies as they move through life. Symptoms like vaginal dryness, loss of sexual sensation, loose skin and distension affect women who have carried children, been through menopause, dealt with hormone shifts or had other sexual health issues. These concerns are so common that many women assume they are a normal part of life. They resign themselves to living with their symptoms despite the problems they may be causing in their daily comfort, confidence or intimacy.

At Central Care Clinic, we think it’s time to talk about these symptoms in a different way. Women deserve to feel beautiful and empowered by their sexuality at every stage of life, and we want to address these concerns the same way we address other health issues: with targeted, effective treatments that relieve symptoms and give you a foundation for lifelong wellness. New, non-invasive vaginal rejuvenation treatments with the FDA-cleared Votiva device are available at our offices in Charlotte to help refresh women’s sexual health, restore sexual confidence and energize intimate relationships.

What We Treat

Vaginal Dryness

The vagina is self-lubricating and self-cleaning. The glands in the area produce specific fluids to keep the vaginal canal at a healthy pH level, to reduce friction during intercourse and to prevent harmful bacterial growth. But hormone levels and aging can affect the functionality of these glands, leading to a variety of dryness-related health and comfort concerns. Sex may become uncomfortable or even painful; yeast and urinary tract infections may become more frequent. Vaginal rejuvenation treatments with our Always Magical services stimulate the tissues and glands in the area and promote the production of vaginal fluids to restore a healthy level of moisture and lubrication.

Loose Skin

Intimate areas like the labia are subject to the same forces of aging as the rest of the body. The delicate folds of skin around the vaginal opening are prone to wrinkling, discoloration, sagging and drooping over time — particularly after tears during childbirth or many years of friction and pressure from daily life. When the skin of the labia becomes loose, a woman may experience daily discomfort due to chafing as well as discomfort during intercourse. Additionally, stretched or discolored inner or outer labia can be a source of cosmetic concern that interferes with a woman’s confidence during intimacy. The Votiva device can treat the labia with gentle, non-invasive thermal energy pulses that rejuvenate the skin and tissues for fuller, tighter skin, improving appearance and sensation.

Vaginal Distension

The vaginal canal is controlled by an underlying musculature that becomes weakened and stretched over time, particularly after childbirth. These muscles play a role in everything from sexual sensation to bladder control, and a loss of muscle tone in this area can lead to a variety of sexual and urinary health concerns. Many women use Kegel exercises to remedy vaginal distension, but these can take many months to take effect. Always Magical aesthetic services at Central Care Clinic can improve tissue volume in the vaginal walls, resolving symptoms of vaginal distension and serving as a complementary solution to Kegel exercises.

Loss of Sexual Sensation

Losing tension and lubrication in the vaginal canal can make sex and intimacy incredibly difficult. There is a common stereotype that women lose their sex drive as they grow older; however, for many women, the truth is that sex becomes uncomfortable or even painful due to sexual health symptoms. Women should be free to enjoy sex and feel comfortable being intimate with their spouse or partner at any age. We believe that intimacy is a key component of long and healthy relationships, and we want to make this possible for our patients with treatments like Votiva.

What to Expect

Our Always Magical aesthetic services are designed for women of all ages and body types who are struggling with feminine health concerns. We provide vaginal rejuvenation treatments using the Votiva device from InMode, a non-invasive treatment option that uses top-tier radiofrequency technology to gently stimulate natural renewal in the skin and tissues of the vagina and labia.

Treatments with Votiva are comfortable and convenient. You will not need anesthesia and will not need to take any recovery time away from normal activities following your appointment. Treatments typically last 60 to 90 minutes and will be customized to your needs, concerns and comfort level. During the treatment, your Central Care Clinic provider will use the FormaV vaginal rejuvenation attachment to stimulate the labia and the vaginal canal with gentle yet powerful radiofrequency thermal energy. You will feel a heating sensation during treatment as the device takes effect. You may experience slight discomfort in the treated area after your session, but this will fade within a day or two and does not require bed rest.

Results can be felt and seen immediately and will continue to develop and improve over the following weeks. The Votiva device works by applying heat energy to your skin and tissues that offers instant volume and lubrication, but it also stimulates your body’s natural reconstructive and restorative processes for long-term results. As the treatment works to build a better foundation for your sexual health, you will not need to schedule regular maintenance treatments over time. Most patients choose to have two to three treatment sessions with Votiva, though you will be able to feel a difference after your first session.

Votiva is safe and FDA-cleared for vaginal rejuvenation treatments. It offers an all-natural, long-lasting solution for sexual discomfort and dysfunction in women of all ages and stages of life. At Central Care Clinic, we firmly believe that you can — and should — always feel beautiful. Your confidence in your sexuality is a key component of your overall health and wellness, as well as the health of your intimate relationships. We also believe that aesthetic treatments like vaginal rejuvenation do not need to be time- and cost-prohibitive — we strive to provide convenient and affordable treatments so that women of all lifestyles and backgrounds can live comfortable, healthy and fulfilling lives. Please reach out to us to find out more about our Always Magical aesthetic services and find out if they might be right for you.

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