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Skin Rejuvenation

Smooth, even-toned skin is a hallmark of youth, health and beauty, but even with a dedicated skincare regimen, it is not always possible to keep your skin in peak condition. There are many factors beyond your control that can influence your skin’s appearance, ranging from the climate in your geographic location to your body’s hormone levels. Over the years, your skin may go through many different concerns: teenage or adult acne, UV ray exposure, dryness or aging. As the effects of these concerns add up, your skin may develop an uneven texture or spots of discoloration that will not go away with home treatments.

If you are feeling frustrated by stubborn skin concerns, the Always Alluring services at Central Care Clinic might be right for you. Our skin rejuvenation device, the Morpheus8, is a cutting-edge, FDA-cleared and non-invasive tool that eliminates damaged skin cells and structures to promote deep tissue restoration. It is chemical-free, requires no downtime and treats multiple skin concerns with a single treatment. With the Morpheus8, we offer an effective solution for several common causes of textured, discolored or uneven skin.

What We Treat


It takes three to four weeks for young skin to produce new cells and rebuild structural proteins like collagen and elastin. But in your 50s and beyond, that same process can take up to 90 days. As a result, older skin develops weak areas where damaged cells and proteins do not hold their shape, causing a loss of skin volume or fine lines and wrinkles. These signs of aging are among the primary aesthetic concerns of women and men alike as they grow older.

Sun Exposure

UV rays penetrate the outer layer of the skin and interfere with essential skin cell functions, not only causing premature damage to existing cells but also interrupting regrowth cycles and breaking down collagen, elastin and other tissues. Sun damage can cause hyperpigmentation, wrinkles and patchy skin texture that can quickly age your appearance and have lifelong consequences for your skin. Seeking a restorative treatment can be a great way to start fresh and boost your total body skin’s health.

Acne Scars

Pimples and other blemishes are themselves unwanted skin concerns — fortunately, for most people they are temporary. The scars they leave behind, though, are equally problematic and do not go away on their own. Acne scars may appear on the face, neck, back, upper arms and/or chest as a “pockmarked” or bumpy texture, sometimes accompanied by discoloration. Stubborn acne scars are a common skin complaint among our patients of all ages, and we are pleased to offer the latest skin restoration technology as a solution.

Other Scars

Scarring can occur after any type of skin break, including surgical incisions or accidental injuries. Your body uses fast-building scar tissue to seal the skin at a wound quickly, but scar tissue heals differently than the surrounding skin. Even well-matured scars are typically somewhat discolored and may be raised, indented or bumpy. Large or visible scars are a cause for cosmetic concern. Our Morpheus8 device breaks up bulky scar tissue for a smoother, more evenly toned result.

What to Expect

The Always Alluring skin rejuvenation services at Central Care Clinic are accomplished with the Morpheus8 device from InMode. Morpheus8 is one of the latest FDA-cleared devices for non-invasive treatment of skin concerns. It is effective for women and men of all skin types and tones.

The device uses specialized radiofrequency energy called Fractionated RF in tandem with the industry’s deepest-reaching microneedling technology. Morpheus8 seamlessly penetrates the skin’s surface to access underlying tissues and physically stimulate the production of new cells, structural proteins and other molecular elements of the skin. Then, the device applies Fractionated RF to subdermal cells and structures. The gentle yet powerful thermal energy produced by the radiofrequency waves triggers the elimination of damaged cells, which in turn stimulates skin turnover.

A Morpheus8 treatment typically takes between 30 and 60 minutes. You will feel a warming sensation due to the Fractionated RF energy, and some people may require topical anesthesia applied before the treatment. You can return to all normal daily activities immediately following your appointment. You may experience some redness or swelling that will subside within 3-4 days after your treatment. Makeup may be used to cover any visible effects after your first day or two.

Most patients only need between one and five sessions to achieve their desired results. And, since the Morpheus8 renews the skin from the inside out, you will continue to see improvements in your skin over the months following treatment.


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Our goal is to help you rebuild your skin’s foundation for long-lasting healthy skin, with a single cost- and time-effective treatment. Central Care Clinic is committed to providing accessible aesthetic solutions that give our patients the results they want with efficiency and affordability. If you are interested in learning more about our Always Alluring skin rejuvenation services, please contact us today at 704-567-8218 to schedule your free consultation at our offices in Charlotte.