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When you look in the mirror, you might be surprised by the person looking back at you. When you picture yourself, you do not have fine lines on your neck or your forehead; you do not have dark spots on your cheeks or décolletage. You are not sure when these imperfections appeared, but you are discouraged by the idea that you will have to live with them. You still feel young, and you want your appearance and your self-confidence to reflect that — but you are not sure if you have the time or the budget for cosmetic treatments.

If your skin and body are changing in ways that are lowering your self-confidence, Central Care Clinic has a solution. Our Always Aesthetics services, provided at our conveniently located offices near downtown Charlotte, are designed to help women and men who are struggling to love their looks. Our aesthetic treatments are simple and cost-effective. We also offer non-invasive vaginal rejuvenation for women who are experiencing sexual health concerns that are affecting their intimacy or daily comfort levels.

Always Aesthetics at Central Care Clinic

Always Aesthetics is a suite of beauty and wellness services designed specifically for our clientele. We are a family practice in many senses: we treat all ages; our patients are family-conscious; our director is board-certified in family medicine and has a beloved family of his own. It is perhaps an understatement to say that family comes first at Central Care Clinic. So, when you put your family first, we understand exactly why you put their needs above your own.

But we also believe that the health of a family relies on the health of its individual members —particularly mothers and fathers, whose personal and relationship health sets an example for children and for others. If your wellness is declining due to frustration with your appearance, sexual concerns or lower self-esteem, it may begin to affect the wellness of those around you. There is no shame or selfishness in choosing to receive aesthetic treatments that will help you live a healthier and happier life.

We also know that time and cost can be a barrier to receiving aesthetic care for many of our patients, so the treatments we provide are affordable and convenient. We use only completely non-invasive solutions — no surgery, injections or lasers that break the skin — to ensure our patients do not need to worry about recovery time. We also save our patients’ time and money by offering treatments that don’t wear off or require regular maintenance visits. The devices we use are proven effective by independent clinical studies and work by deeply rejuvenating your skin and body to create long-lasting improvements in cell and tissue structures.

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Always Magical: Vaginal Rejuvenation

Women’s vaginal health care is more than just managing yeast infections, having regular Pap smears and getting tested for STDs. It includes healthy intimate relationships, which rely on sexual function, vaginal health and self-confidence. As women’s bodies change over time — especially due to life events like hormonal shifts, pregnancy or menopause — their sexual health changes, too. Women commonly experience loss of sexual sensation, lowered sex drive, discomfort during sex, dryness and loose skin that interfere with their sexual confidence and their ability to be intimate.

Personal hygiene also plays an important part of the female wellness spectrum. Urinary incontinence, which causes significant emotional and physical distress, interferes with your body’s ability to stay clean and healthy. Loose tissue and even labial atrophy give a “messy” and sometimes painful sensation during routine sanitation. And vaginal dryness can make even the softest underwear feels irritating and uncomfortable.

Vaginal rejuvenation treatments are an emerging branch of aesthetic medicine designed to address these concerns without surgical intervention. Our Always Magical service uses Votiva, one of the latest and top-rated FDA-cleared vaginal rejuvenation devices, to help our patients restore their sexual wellness painlessly and easily.

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Always Alluring: Skin Rejuvenation

Your skin may seem static and straightforward, but it is actually the largest organ in your body, and one of the most dynamic. It is constantly changing — skin cells are always regrowing; surrounding structures like collagen, hair follicles and oil glands are always active. In addition, the skin is continuously exposed to outside forces like UV rays, wind, dry air and various chemicals. A combination of time and the elements leads to skin imperfections: scars, discoloration, sun spots, blemishes and more.

With the Morpheus8 device offered through our Always Alluring service, we can help you restore a smooth, even tone and texture to your skin. This FDA-cleared device safely and non-invasively targets damaged skin cells and skin structures that lead to the appearance of unwanted spots and bumps, safely eliminated the root of the problem to help your skin look and feel healthier for life.

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Always Beautiful: Facial and Neck Rejuvenation

Signs of aging on the face and neck are often some of the first to appear and are also the most readily visible. For many people, it is disheartening to see fine lines and wrinkles develop across your forehead and cheeks; around the eyes, nose and mouth; and on the neck and décolletage. These concerns can interfere deeply with a person’s self-confidence as they grow older. At Central Care Clinic, we want our patients to feel comfortable with themselves and their appearance at every stage of life. We provide non-invasive facial and neck rejuvenation through our Always Beautiful services.

Always Beautiful uses the FDA-approved Morpheus8 device to safely and effectively restore the skin of the face and neck. Wrinkles develop as skin structures — such as collagen and elastin — break down over time, and are not reproduced quickly enough to support your skin cells. Morpheus8 targets damaged structures and promotes faster regeneration. You will see fewer and diminished lines as well as improvements over time.

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We offer free, no-commitment consultations for patients who want to find out if our Always Aesthetic services are right for their needs. Dr. Doan will meet with you personally to evaluate your aesthetic or sexual concerns and determine if our Votiva or Morpheus8 devices can provide the improvements you seek. During your consultation, you will also discuss the number of treatments needed (typically 1-3, depending on the patient), the cost of the treatments and what to expect from your treatment sessions. We strive to be fully transparent with our patients, and we will be happy to answer all of your questions to ensure you are making the best and most informed decisions about your health. We will also be honest with you and will not recommend treatments that will not work for your goals. Reach out to us today to schedule your consultation at our offices in Charlotte, North Carolina — call us at 704-567-8218.