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Central Care Clinic

Healing from the Inside Out

We’re Here For You.


Central Care Clinic core values are rooted in integrity, compassion and building a vital community. With a Spanish bilingual staff, every patient here will be greeted with a friendly smile and a caring ear. You are not just a passing face, but a part of the Central Care Clinic family. Not just medical care is available, but high-end aesthetic and vaginal rejuvenation services are available. Learn how Central Care Clinic is working to make comprehensive care accessible to everyone.

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Meet Dr. Doan.

Exceptional compassionate care.

Dr. Doan provides high-quality, personalized medical care to families and also treats individuals with aesthetic concerns. The doctor is trilingual — in Spanish, English and Vietnamese — and offers diverse medical services including aesthetic and vaginal rejuvenation services that focus on the patient’s overall wellness as well as his or her personal goals.

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Our Values, Our Mission

Our Vision

Central Care Clinic

Central Care Clinic provides compassionate, family-focused and accessible care in the heart of Charlotte, North Carolina. Our whole-person approach to health and wellness helps our patients feel, look and live their best, while ensuring a culturally conscious and welcoming environment.

A lifetime of health and wellness starts here.

We know that prioritizing your health can be difficult. We all lead busy lives, and navigating healthcare services can feel overwhelming. At Central Care Clinic, we make it easier for you to put your well-being — and your family’s well-being — first. We provide everything you need in one accessible location, and we tailor our services to be cost- and time-effective.

With an expert team of trained and licensed providers, a broad range of primary care and aesthetic services and a commitment to excellence and integrity, Central Care Clinic offers the very best in patient experiences and outcomes. We are proud to serve a diverse community and are committed to making every patient feel comfortable and cared for through clear communication, cultural competence and an open-minded approach. We also provide family-oriented care, with staff members specializing in pediatrics, men’s and women’s health and senior care alike.

Explore our website to learn more about our practice, or call today to schedule an appointment at our offices just outside of downtown Charlotte.

A bright, healthy future awaits with Central Care Clinic.

Central Care Clinic wants you and your family to be happy, healthy and confident — we accomplish this for our patients through top-quality healthcare services and a dedication to patient engagement and empowerment. Our experienced, friendly and professional team is here to help. We provide free consultations for our Always Aesthetics and accident injury services, and our primary care services are covered by several major insurance providers. Contact us to schedule your next appointment at 704-567-8218.

Our Values

Family, Compassion, Integrity

Our Mission

To give a hand to all those in sickness, in sorrows, in crisis, or simply in need of self-improvement

Our Vision

To enable everyone to take a proactive part in his or her own health care.